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I WANT the Best Natural Teeth Whitening Products for my smile. Dingy teeth? Yellow teeth? Do Natural Teeth Whitening Products work? Some people think so.  Do Natural Teeth Whitening Products work?

We say Yes!

They say a smile is the most beautiful thing that you can ever wear.  True enough!  But sometimes people shy away from flaunting that invaluable ornament.

But why?

Do You Want the BEST Natural Teeth Whitening Product?


Stained or discolored teeth can make people lose confidence as they have a not-so-pretty impact on your appearance.

We will answer all of these questions and more that have to do with Natural Teeth Whitening Products.

Are You Happy With Your Teeth?

The natural color of our teeth is at best considered to be off-white.

Since our teeth are calcified hard tissues just like bones, even their color is comparable to not-so-white bone color.

Enamel, which is the surface layer of our teeth, is white and semitransparent and gives our teeth their natural color.

But with time, our lifestyle and food habits may cause our teeth to discolor and become stained.

Using tobacco, drinking dark colored liquids like coffee, tea or wine and poor oral hygiene are some of the causes of teeth discoloration. But this isn’t something that cannot be corrected.

Looking for a ways to whiten your teeth?

Teeth Whitening in Newmarket (beautiful woman with a great smile)

By Davisdentalcare (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to teeth whitening there are several over-the-counter and in-office treatments that can make your teeth three to eight shade lighter.

In-office bleaching done by professional dentists is one of the quickest ways to whiten your teeth.

You can see results in 30-60 minutes.

Let’s talk about the less intrusive ways like over-the-counter whitening products.

A whitening toothpaste or gel may take a few weeks to actually show visible results.

So, is obtaining a great smile after these treatments as safe and effective as you think?

Maybe, maybe not!

Any teeth whitening product or treatment that contains hydrogen peroxide, bleaches the teeth to make it appear whiter.

Although, these treatments are very effective.

Are they safe?

The chemicals used for bleaching can lead to tooth sensitivity and gum irritations in some cases.

Wondering What Are The Alternative?

Non-bleaching or natural teeth whitening products that work by physical or chemical action to remove the surface stains only are the safest way to get a brighter and whiter smile.

Natural teeth whitening can be achieved at home using the following ingredients:


Turmeric is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties.  But, did you know that this kitchen staple is also high on Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium and selenium?

These are all important nutrients for stronger and healthier teeth.

You can mix turmeric with water to make a thick paste and then dip your toothbrush in the paste to apply it on your teeth.

Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse. Do this daily at night to get maximum teeth whitening results.

Curcuma longa roots (Tumeric)

By Simon A. Eugster (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Activated charcoal is a highly absorbent porous substance.  It binds to the stain causing agents on our teeth like tannins and pulls them out to reduce the discoloration.

Studies also suggest that activated charcoal can help balance the pH level of our mouth and battle cavities and bad bacteria.

ActivatedCharcoalPowder BrightField

By Zephyris (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Baking Soda

We all have this ingredient in our kitchen but seldom realize what it’s capable of.

Baking soda is a mild abrasive that gently scrubs of the stubborn stains from your teeth leaving you with a brighter smile.

Use it with lime juice to maximize the benefits.

Sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda)

By Thavox (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Top 3 Over-the-Counter Natural Teeth Whitening Products

If DIY is not your thing, then simply replace your regular toothpaste with any one of the following natural teeth whitening products.

You can also use the above mentioned ingredients in combination with these products to achieve more effective and quicker results.

1. David’s Natural Toothpaste

David’s Natural Toothpaste (the best of all of the Natural Teeth Whitening Products)

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Featuring another one of the star natural ingredients for teeth whitening, David’s Natural toothpaste safely and effectively whitens the teeth using baking soda.

The product is Fluoride free, SLS free and Sulfate free, which mean all natural and safe dental care.

The baking soda naturally neutralizes the acids in your mouth, reduces the bacteria causing plaque.

In addition, it also works as a fine abrasive to get rid of surface stains that cause your teeth to turn yellow.

It also features Birch Xylitol (if you have pets, be sure to read how Xylitol can be dangerous for your pets!) that further remineralizes the enamel of your teeth.

This means no more sensitivity from hot or cold food and drinks.

Additionally, the mint oils in the paste from various mint oil regions combine to add a powerful peppermint flavor to the paste while keeping your breath fresh.

Go ahead and give David’s whitening toothpaste a try. Use twice daily for two minutes after meals and note the difference.

2. Twin Lotus Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Twin Lotus Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

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Activated charcoal, also referred to as activated carbon, a powerful natural teeth whitening product is the key ingredient of this Twin Lotus whitening toothpaste.

It’s absorbent qualities help pull out stains, toxins, and bacteria from our mouth.

The best part is, unlike other whitening treatments, it doesn’t contain fluoride to whiten the teeth.

In fact, it is enriched with advanced herbal extracts from Guava, clove and glycerin to name a few.

It boasts of a triple action formula to kill bacteria, remove malodor and mask malodor.

So, you can expect it to effectively remove plaque and other bad breath bacteria.

This activated charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste is not a miracle worker as you need to religiously use it for 2-3 weeks at least before you witness results.

Users of this toothpaste also report that using it daily doesn’t cause teeth sensitivity.

Some also hear charcoal and wonder if this toothpaste will make your mouth and/or tongue black.  This product does not make your tongue or the insides of your mouth black.

However, if natural is what you’re looking for, it is definitely something you should give a try.

3. Desert Essence Toothpaste

Desert Essence Toothpaste

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Desert Essence is another natural teeth whitening product that can reduce the yellowness of your teeth to a great extent.

A blend of baking soda and bamboo stem fibers are the primary ingredients in this toothpaste that helps fight the surface stains on your teeth.

It also features natural tea-tree oil extracts and wintergreen.  These ingredients fight odor causing bacteria and promote fresh breath.

Add to that sea salt and Zinc citrate, which helps reduce plaque, and you have a complete recipe for enhanced natural dental care and hygiene.

Desert Essence is completely free of fluoride, gluten and other harsh abrasives.  Therefore, it is a completely natural teeth-whitening product.

People who have already used the product say that they could see a clear difference in their teeth color after using just one tube.

Try it yourself and see the difference.

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Wrap Up:  Natural Teeth Whitening Products

In this article we discussed how Tumeric, Charcoal, and Baking Soda can provide all natural alternative ways to whiten your teeth.

If you do try one of these, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Do You Want the BEST Natural Teeth Whitening Product?


Also do tell us if you have any other recommendations for Natural Teeth Whitening Products that can benefit our readers.

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