Oil Pulling For Hormonal Imbalance

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Sometimes my emotions just get out of control.  Many claim using Oil Pulling for Hormonal Imbalance can help.

The article will address that Claim and provide a verdict on this Oil Pulling Claim.

In this article I tackle this item on our Giant Oil Pulling Myth Buster list:  Oil Pulling Balances Hormones

I identify some influencers in this field that are making claims that using Oil Pulling for Hormonal Imbalance can be a game changer.  Other may not agree.  I list the opposing statements as well.  I then go on to identify which oils to use for your hormone battle.  And, I then provide the results of my research by indicating if this Oil Pulling Claim is Fact, Bunk, or somewhere in between.

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Balances Hormones

Ayurvedic Herbal AlternativeAyurveda medicine promotes meditation as a way to balance hormones.   One of the key components of Ayurveda medicine is the strong link between the mind and the body.

The belief is that the mind can calm itself and manage the release of stress hormones.

But, does Ayurveda medicine really say that Oil Pulling is one method of meditation that can balance your hormones?

My research says No.

But, some people disagree with me.

Let’s see what is out there…

Who Says To Use Oil Pulling For Hormonal Imbalance?

Our research found that the following websites repeat the claim that Oil Pulling can help keep hormones balanced.

Katie at Wellness Mama

Wellness Mama LogoThe folks at Wellness Mama published an article titled Oil Pulling for Oral Health.  In this article, the author Katie talks about the research she did about Oil Pulling.

During her research, she says:

In fact, in my original research, I found hundreds of testimonials online from
people who experienced benefits from oil pulling, including help with skin
conditions, arthritis, asthma, headaches, hormone imbalances,
infections, liver problems and more.

Katie doesn’t really reference any specific testimonials of people talking about Oil Pulling having helped them with their hormone imbalance.

Nicole Jardim .COM

Nicole Jardim runs a blog where she calls herself a Professional Period Fixer.  In fact, in the title of her blog, she labels herself as Period Girl.

Nicole published an article titled THE CONNECTION BETWEEN YOUR DENTAL HEALTH + YOUR HORMONES.  In this article, Nicole states:

…a year-long journey into the land of holistic dentistry and the discovery that dental health is connected to hormonal health. In fact, women are more susceptible to oral health problems than men because of our unique hormonal makeup.

Nicole doesn’t specifically tie Oil Pulling to hormone health.  Or, to Oil Pulling keeping a balance for your hormones.

In fact, she is really touting that Oil Pulling helping with a cavity she had.

However, the quote above does imply that there is absolutely a tie between Oil Pulling and hormonal health.

Michael at Well Wisdom .COM

The founder of Well Wisdom is Michael Keenan.  Michael started this web site after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Immune Dysfunction.

Well Wisdom creates an article investigating What is Oil Pulling: Rock your Immune System.

In this article, we see the typical laundry list of Oil Pulling claims.  The article refers to the famous publishing from Dr. Karach.

There have been few studies conducted into the benefits of oil pulling
specifically, but one–conducted by Ukranian physician Dr. Karach–led
the researchers to conclude that oil pulling could have the following benefits:

  •  Promote a healthy hormonal balance in women (reducing the risk of hormonal disorders)

The article doesn’t really say much more about the relationship between Oil Pulling and hormones.

Who Says Oil Pulling Does NOT Help Hormonal Imbalance?

While there are several sites that repeat the claims of Dr. Karach, there are some other sources that reject this claim about using Oil Pulling for Hormonal Imbalance.

Here are a few and what they are saying.

Eric at Skeptoid

The Skeptoid is a blog dedicated to debunking urban myths.

In an article written by Eric Hall, the Skeptoid discusses dangers of Oil Pulling.

The article, titled Oil Pulling Revisited: Where The Danger Lies, talks about various Oil Pulling claims and describes what they think makes some of these claims dangerous.  Here is an excerpt about Hormone Imbalance:

If coconut oil contains any hormones, I wouldn’t recommend using it. Use
of hormones without monitoring by a doctor can be very dangerous for
your health. If it is pulling hormones out of your body, that could be just
as dangerous. However, there is a low probability of either happening.

The claim about coconut oil containing hormones is a little off.  But, the article is trying to make the point that ignoring symptoms by trying something that really isn’t likely to help, can be dangerous.

Tash the Holistic Health Herbalist

Tash has created her website Holistic Health Herbalist based on how she grew up.  Her experiences as a youngster taught her that eating food and obtaining nutrients from “blue skies, clean air, thickets, forest, streams” (and her mother’s garden) not only nourish her, it sometimes heal her.

In an article about her own experiences trying Oil Pulling called OIL PULLING- ONE MONTH RESULTS, Tash talks about how Oil Pulling affects her sleep (or doesn’t):

Lessening the work your liver allows for optimally balanced
hormones. Balanced hormones means better sleep!

She attributes better sleep to hormone balancing benefits received from Oil Pulling.  But, she then goes on to say her sleep wasn’t any better while Oil Pulling this first month.

Since Oil Pulling has been attributed to balancing hormones, she addresses this further with this statement:

This is a tough one for me because my hormones are all over the place due
to a digestive ailment I’m dealing with right now. For this month’s mission I
stopped using progesterone cream to see if oil pulling alone would keep
my PMS symptoms in check. It didn’t.

So, no help with balancing hormones for her first month.  She does go on later to say that she thinks Oil Pulling might provide a “gentle support system”.  So, the implication here is that she thinks her personal hormone conditions are just too much for Oil Pulling to help on its own.

Mary From She Knows

The web site She Knows is a blog by Mary McCoy about topics that affect disenfranchised women and children.  Her topics vary far and wide.

In an article titled Debunking oil pulling: What it actually does, Mary states:

Research on oil pulling, however, isn’t as supportive of the technique as proponents might wish. Snopes reports that there are very few clinical studies of the technique, and the ones that exist only point to minor improvements in markers of oral health.

She then goes on and addresses hormone imbalance:

Essentially, this means that you cannot and should not count on oil pulling to help with hormonal imbalances, inflammation, reduction in insomnia or skin health.

We address the proof (or lack of proof) for each of these Oil Pulling Claims in our series of articles.  You can see our conclusions about our research for hormonal imbalance below.

Proof That Oil Pulling Helps With Hormonal Imbalance?

Digital, Zeros Ones, Woman, StylishThe claim of using Oil Pulling for Hormonal Imbalance is somewhat controversial.

We were able to find many proponents on each side of this Claim.

But, what does Science say?

Our research found the following resources that seem to show a relationship with Oil Pulling and how it can balance hormones.

Alzheimer’s Research Therapy

The Alzheimer’s Research Therapy group published a research article about Ayurvedic medicinal plants for Alzheimer’s disease: a review.

This article talks about Ayurvedic medicinal plants.  These plants are medicinal nervine herbs that have a multitude of benefits that typically involve higher brain power.

One of the nervine herbs is Shankhpushpi.  In this article, Shankhpushpi is described as:

It is believed that Shankhpushpi calms the nerves
by regulating the body’s production of the stress hormones,
adrenaline, and cortisol

We were able to find articles that describe the benefits of Ayurvedic medicinal plants (like that come from the Shankhpushpi flower below).

Shankhapushpi (Kannada: ಶನ್ಕ್ಹಪುಷ್ಪಿ)

“Shankhapushpi (Kannada: ಶನ್ಕ್ಹಪುಷ್ಪಿ)” by Dinesh Valke (CC BY-SA 2.0), via Flickr.com

So, there are claims that Ayurvedic can calm or regulate hormones using nervine herbs.  And, many people confuse Ayurvedic with Oil Pulling.

However, Ayurvedic isn’t oil pulling.  Ayurvedic is many things.  And, oil pulling is only one small part.

Bottom line?

I don’t find this to be proof.  In fact, this really isn’t even anecdotal evidence about Oil Pulling.  So, while some people might see this as “related proof”.

After all, Ayurvedic methods do seem to provide some evidence of help with hormone issues.  And, Oil Pulling is an Ayurvedic method.  But, we don’t see this as any proof for the Oil Pulling Ayurvedic method helping with hormone issues.

Semantic Scholar

Semantic Scholar is a website that publishes scientific papers from all over.

An article originally published on WebMed Central can only be found on Semantic Scholar now.

WebMed Central is a website that publishes studies after intense peer review.  The article I found an article seems promising.

But, there’s a catch.

In the article Effect of Use of Sesame Seeds On Management Of Selective Symptoms Among Women In Different Age Groups, a study was performed where 50 women participated in a study related to Sesame Seed Oil and it’s affects on hormones.

The Study

The objective of the study was:

1. To assess the effect of sesame seeds on selective symptoms of women.
2. To seek the association between post intervention with sesame seeds and selective symptoms of women.

What’s the problem?

It’s not 100% clear that the women were instructed to actually use Oil Pulling with the Sesame Seed Oil.  It seems they may have been instructed to consume the Sesame Seed Oil.  The only statement about what the women were instructed to do is:

Pre-test was administered followed by distribution of sesame seeds packets and instructed to take 1 teaspoon every day for one month in the evening at the same time.

Later in the article, the study states:

The study results were in agreement with a study done by S. Asokan et al (2008).7

The reference is to another study where Oil Pulling was specifically tested for its effectiveness against plaque induced gingivitis.  That study did find that Oil Pulling using Sesame Oil was effective against gingivitis.

For this study to agree with the gingivitis study, the implication here is that the woman were instructed to Oil Pull their Sesame Seed oil.  Or, at the very least, that some of the women did perform Oil Pulling using their Sesame Seed Oil.

The Study’s Conclusions

What’s the real story?

In this article, the result of the study were:

The conclusions drawn from the study are:
All women were found to be having different health problems.
Sesame seeds are found to be effective in relieving the postmenopausal symptoms with statistical significance at 0.05 level.

Read this article for yourself.  But, my interpretations are that the women were not specifically instructed to Oil Pull the Sesame Seed Oil.  But, that they were instructed to consume the Sesame Seed oil.

For me, the relationship between Oil Pulling and postmenopausal symptoms is weak at best.  We just don’t see this as proof for using Oil Pulling for Hormonal Imbalance.

Andhra Jyoti

The Andhra Jyoti newspaper “conducted a survey to find out user experiences regarding the effectiveness of oil pulling”.

Over 1000 people were surveyed.

These were the results:

Out of a total of 1041 respondents, 927 (89%) reported amazing
health benefits. Only 114 (11%) reported no benefit.

The survey included the following:
• Hormones – 21 cases

A survey is hardly a scientific study.  However, this does seem to report that at least some portion of the public does believe that Oil Pulling can help with hormones.

But, I really can’t call this proof.

Which are the Best Oils for Hormonal Imbalance?

In this section we usually talk about what Oils work best for the Oil Pulling claim.

While we didn’t find conclusive scientific evidence that Oil Pulling does help with hormones.

We do find anecdotal evidence that people are at least buying the placebo effect.

Sesame, Sesame seeds, Seeds bowl

Sesame Seed Oil

The closes evidence we found was this scientific study about the relationship between Sesame Seed oil and postmenopausal symptoms.

So, if you want to try something, you might try to consume Sesame Seed Oil.

Or, you could try each and report back if either way worked!

How Oils Stack Up

Just for grins, we did the following Google searches to see how websites stack up with talking about Oil Pulling for Hormonal Imbalance.

The search we did was:

+”oil pulling” +”<oil name> oil” hormone

Where <oil name> is replaced with the name of the oil.  For example, for coconut oil, the search starts with “oil pulling” (quotes included).  Then, a space.  And, then puts into quotes +”coconut oil”.  And, finally the word hormone (no quotes).  Here is how many search results there are for each:

Oil NameGoogle Hits with "hormones"
Olive Oil109,000
Coconut Oil34,500
Cod Liver Oil19,500
Avocado Oil15,700
Sunflower Oil15,300
Canola Oil10,100
Sesame Seed Oil5,600
Cedar Nut Oil73

Now some of these results might be for hits other than those three words.  When I put a ‘+’ in front of “hormone”, all of the oils had search results of less than 5.  And, I opened several of the hits.  Google wasn’t getting things “right” for those searches.

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Wrap Up: Oil Pulling For Hormonal Imbalance

Oil Pulling For Hormonal Imbalance has a lot of web sites that report anecdotal evidence both for and against Oil Pulling being able to affect hormones.

In the scientific community, there were many fewer hits.  I talked about the search hits that seem to be the most related.  But, none of them truly provided the proof I was looking for.

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Do you know about any studies I may have missed that talk about using Oil Pulling for Hormonal Imbalance?  Or, that have come out since I performed my research?  Or, maybe you have your own experiences?  Unfortunately, comments had to be disabled because people just can’t seem to behave and Google doesn’t like curse words (go figure).

Anyway, I hope this information was useful and helped point you to some good resources to learn more about Oil Pulling For Hormonal Imbalance.


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