Power Swabs?  NO!!  Not When This Works Much Better

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Power Swabs simply DON’T WORK! Want a product that does? We review Power Swabs and it’s rivals for messiness, sensitivity, cost and worldwide user opinions!

I think you’ll agree that the promises that Power Swabs makes in their advertising sounds amazing.  After all, it can be REALLY difficult to make your teeth white.  And, is even HARDER to keep them white.

Or is it?

Well, it turns out that you can have white teeth and keep them white.  Just not with Power Swabs.

Do You Want A Product That Is MUCH Better Than Power Swabs?


The idea that Power Swabs sells is that you can swab your teeth for about five minutes (according to the ad), and you immediately see your teeth become 2 shades whiter.

What a deal!  Right?

And, with a weeks worth of use, you will see 6 shades improvement.

These are some pretty bold claims, so I had to check this out.

What are Power Swabs?

Cotton Swabs - Bottom (what the end of power swabs look like)

“Cotton Swabs – Bottom” by Jeff Turner (CC BY 2.0), via Flickr.com

Well, the first thing I needed to find out was what the heck are “power swabs” with regard to a teeth whitening product.

The product I heard on the radio was called Power Swabs.  A Power Swab looks very much like a Q-Tip.

What’s the real story?

The Q-Tip has the Power Swab chemical on it, and you are instructed to “swab” your teeth in a circular motion for about two minutes.

Or, five minutes for that first time 2 shade improvement.

Here is a video that shows how to use Power Swabs:

How to quickly and easily use Power Swabs teeth whitening to get a brighter and whiter smile

Are There Other Swabs for Whitening?

I found a couple of other “swab-like” products out there that are similar to Power Swabs.

But, not very many.  If you include “pens” as being similar to Power Swabs, then there are quite a few of those products.

What’s the difference?

The primary difference between “pens” and swabs is that the swab has a tip that typically provides some scrubbing action.

Whitening “pens” typically include a brush tip, or just an opening to apply the gel product.

Some might think the “swab” products I’m featuring in this post to just be “pens” with a “fancier” tip.

I would tend to disagree, but I can see how one might make that comparison.

The Chemicals

For swabs, what are the chemicals used?

This can definitely vary from product to product, so make sure you look for the products that include some form of peroxide.

Bottom line?

After researching many forms of teeth whitening products, one thing really stands out.

The more peroxide that is included in the product, the better the reviews.

Time Commitment


“time” by Sean MacEntee (CC BY 2.0), via Flickr.com

This is the major claim to fame for a “swab” product.  Especially for Power Swabs.

Five minutes and done!

Some suggest twice a day for a couple of minutes each time.  Others just say once a day for five minutes.

During those five minutes, you are instructed to “massage” your teeth with the swab tip to work the product into your teeth.

Many of the products will also want you to let your teeth dry, or to not eat for at least twenty minutes to allow the product to adhere to your teeth.

The Best Teeth Whitening Swabs

If you are dead set at using swabs, there are several options.

For the purpose of this article, I’m going to exclude products that describe themselves as “pens”.

The top swab products are GOSMILE, Kimberly Clark, and Power Swabs.

But, do they work?

I’ll talk a little about each below.  But, I’m not sure that I would recommend either of these products over teeth strips, or pens.

The reviews are low enough that something just isn’t right with these products.

Too many people found they just didn’t work for them.

Swabs, Cotton Swab, Clean, Ear, Ears

GOSMILE Teeth Whitening System

GOSMILE Teeth Whitening System has a product that I would call a teeth whitening swabs style of product.

The GOSMILE product’s tip is shaped like an eraser, except the tip is porous.  This allows the GOSMILE chemicals to mix with oxygen to create a mixture that you use to scrub your teeth.

You can kind of think of the tip as a tiny thick sponge that you might use to wash your dishes.

For GOSMILE, their tip is a good shape to use on an individual tooth.

One positive note.

One description from GOSMILE was that it delivers pure hydrogen peroxide.  However, it wasn’t clear that the amount being delivered was enough.

But, here’s the catch.

The GOSMILE product had some problems with reviews where several people just didn’t think it worked at all.  There are enough people that took the time to say that this product didn’t work for them to raise alarms.

Because of that, we don’t recommend GOSMILE.

Power Swabs

Power Swabs is making a real push in the radio sports market in my area.

Their claims sound great.  But, anyone can make claims.

What happens when real customers get the product and see real results?

Does it work?

Power Swabs calls their chemical “serum” a “tooth detergent”.  Research on the ingredient list was not conclusive.  Power Swab themselves says:

  • Detergents (derived from coconut oil)
  • Solvents (derived from natural grains)
  • A mild peroxygen compound to remove stains from all dental surfaces and whiten teeth

These are not specific enough to really let you know what is supposed to make your teeth white.

Coconuts are a recent rage in the teeth whitening industry.  And, there does seem to be some evidence that oil pulling works (see this article where we discuss in length).

Here is the real story:

Unfortunately for Power Swabs, their hype doesn’t seem match their bite.

Over and over reviewers seem to feel this product falls short in terms of meeting the hype.

Many reviewers seem outright mad at how bad this product works.

One reviewer stated “You could take a q-tip and dip it in water and rub it on your teeth, same results. SCAM!“.

Wow!  That was harsh.

In Power Swabs defense, 40% of the reviewers saw positive results.

On the other hand, almost 40% gave the product the worst rating they could give.

Over all, we can’t recommend this teeth whitening swabs product until we see a better response from the public.  The negative reviews were just too much to ignore.

Do You Still Want Power Swabs?  Then, Buy 2 Get 1 Free (while it lasts)


Kimberly Clark Kimvent Oral Care Swabs

Individually Wrapped Kimvent Oral Care Swab

[wpi_designer_button text='GET IT NOW' link='/internal/IndividuallyWrappedKimventOralCareSwab' style_id='328' icon='digg' target='_blank']

We also found this teeth whitening swabs product while doing our research.

While this product does have some positive reviews, there just wasn’t enough evidence that the reviews were real.

How does this one do?

One site had 5 reviews, another had 3.  And, Amazon didn’t have any reviews.

While we can’t recommend Kimberly Clark Kimvent Oral Care Swabs because there just isn’t enough evidence, we were intrigued that their product offering include 250 swabs!

So, even if the chemical doesn’t do a whole lot, you can at least spend a lot of time using up the 250 swabs.

If you decide to give this product a try, send us an email and we’ll update the article with your results.

The Best Alternative to Power Swabs

While searching for the best teeth whitening swabs products, we did run into other products that we found do what you want in terms of teeth whitening.

So, instead of using Power Swabs, THIS is the product that will accomplish whitening your teeth and keeping them white.

Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder Natural

Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder Natural (our best alternative to Power Swabs)

[wpi_designer_button text='I WANT THE BEST' link='/internal/ActiveWowTeethWhiteningCharcoalPowderNatural' style_id='328' icon='digg' target='_blank']

This product, made by Active Wow, combines the natural features of two super ingredients:  charcoal and coconut.

Yes, it is counter intuitive.  But, charcoal does an amazing job at removing those tough stains.

The other swab products biggest plus was the amount of time it takes to use the product in order to get results.

Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder Natural didn’t include a swab applicator, but it did piggy back on something you likely use on a regular basis in the same way.

The Toothbrush!

You just get you toothbrush wet, and dip it into the jar.  Shake of any extra because you don’t need a lot to get the job done.

All natural products is one of the great selling features of this product.  And, if your teeth don’t do well with your typical hydrogen peroxide teeth whiteners, this is absolutely the product for you.

Fair warning.  If you take a chance and order this product, make sure you are careful removing the lid from the jar.  The internal substance is powder, so it’s easy to create a cloud of smoke if you rip the lid off in abandon!

Wrap UP:  Why Waste Your Time on Power Swabs?

We really want to know why you would waste your time using Power Swabs (drop us an email).

Do You Want A Product That Is MUCH Better Than Power Swabs?


With several other swab alternatives that have at least the same mediocre reviews, yet much less expensive, why stick with the one that is passing along all of their advertising costs to you?

Personally, we prefer going with our featured best alternative to Power Swabs.  The product is on the Best Seller list for Amazon.  And, it provides all natural ingredients.

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