Toothpaste Without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

If you’ve surfed to this web page, you likely already know about Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and the bad press it’s received.  You want whiter teeth.  But, you also want to accomplish whiter teeth while using a safe toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate.

Or, SLS-free for those in the know.

According to some sources, as many as 16,000 studies have been performed that find various issues with SLS.

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The side effects that have been reported are:

What I found while researching this is that some side effects were not really confirmed.  Some reported reproductive side effects.  But, there was a lack of facts to back that up.

Other sites reported cancer side effects.  But, further digging found that the scientific community hasn’t declared this to be an actual fact.

The SLS Studies Are Pretty Scary

shshshsh 49 - Foaming Mouth (not from a toothpaste without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)

“shshshsh 49” by Mysi(new stream: (CC BY-ND 2.0), via

As you can see from the list above, some of these are pretty scary side effects.  So, what is the truth and what is fiction?

When it comes to a toothpaste, you might find it interesting that if you swallow an SLS chemical, that you are less likely to be affected than if it just lies on your skin.

The reason for this is that when you digest an SLS chemical, your stomach acids can break down the SLS into a more benign chemical and your body is very efficient at flushing these chemicals through your body and out of your system.

However, if an SLS is on your skin, especially on the thin parts of your skin that have more blood vessels near the skin surface, that SLS can then be absorbed into your blood stream and be directed to your internal organs in a much more efficient way.  When directly in your blood stream, the full force of the SLS chemical can affect your internal organs in a much more dangerous way.

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Tired of Canker Sores or Mouth Ulcers

Hellish Tooth Pain - What a canker sore feels like if you don't use a Toothpaste Without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

“Hellish Tooth Pain” byPete Simon (CC BY 2.0), via

Several studies have linked SLS to canker sores or as they are sometimes called, mouth ulcers.

These sores are extremely painful.  So, avoiding them altogether is the best approach.

While a great toothpaste with the right ingredients can help prevent your canker sores, once you have one, they can be VERY painful.

I’ve had great luck with the product in the link below.  It does a really great job of numbing the sore and getting rid of the pain.

Do You Want to Eliminate Canker Sore Pain?


Recommended Toothpastes that Don’t Have SLS

Our research found these five products that excel in the category of Toothpaste Without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  Not only do these meet the requirement, but they work well from a teeth whitening standpoint, and don’t taste like sawdust.

“Sawdust” was a real comment for a toothpaste we were thinking about including in this list, but then found out the taste of the paste was just that: paste.

If you are wanting to avoid any additional exposure to the many possible side effects of a toothpaste that has SLS, then one of the products below should be a great fit.

Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste

Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste

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Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste appears in many articles about “non-SLS” toothpastes.  It seems to be the “go to” product that many enthusiasts promote.

It does get really good reviews on the internet.  However, there are a couple that do slightly better.

Tom’s of Maine was bought out by Colgate in 2006.  Apparently, some of the Tom’s of Maine toothpastes have changed and DO NOW have SLS.

It does appear that some of the versions still do not have SLS.  The link I’ve provided above is one of them.

Positive reviewer are happy with the taste and happy with the “natural” non-chemical ingredients.

Those with a complaint (just a few) found the taste to be less than stellar.

Sensodyne ProNamel Mint Essence Toothpaste

Sensodyne ProNamel Mint Essence Toothpaste

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This Sensodyne product comes highly praised by reviewers.  The only negative review out of 22 reviewers complained about the product coming “crushed”.  Hardly something Sensodyne can do anything about.

Some reviewers talked about switching to this toothpaste (non-SLS) to help them combat their canker sore problems.

Other reviewers talked about the taste be adequate.  But, beamed about how strong their teeth feel after having used it for a while.

No more teeth sensitivity.  A lot of nut and “hard” food eaters specifically liked how they felt the use of this toothpaste helped them to have strong enough teeth so they can continue to eat those “hard” types of food that they love (things like corn nuts).

One reviewers talked about switching to this toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate after it was recommended by their dentist.  They’ve been happy with the change ever since.

Verve Ultra SLS-Free Toothpaste with Fluoride

Verve Ultra SLS-Free Toothpaste with Fluoride

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This non-SLS product is the most popular we found while researching.  It is our recommended toothpaste in the non-SLS category.

Reviewers talk give this product a 4.7 out of 5.0 stars.  While this might not sound that much better than the other 4.4 or 4.0 products you might find out there, it’s actually a fairly significant gap.

Typically any online product gets hit by those 1 or 2 reviewers that just were having a bad day and feel the need to vent on whatever crosses their path that day.  This product is good enough to keep those reviewers at bay.

The only real complaint from just a few reviewers was that the toothpaste came out a little dry and was sometimes difficult to get out of the tube.  Based on the strength of the positive reviews, this small “defect” seems like something that shouldn’t keep you from giving Verve a try.

This is a strong buy recommendation in our view as a toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate.

Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste, Raspberry & Strawberry

Jack N' Jill Natural Toothpaste, Raspberry & Strawberry

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Parents love how this toothpaste is received by their kids.  And, with all of the different flavors, who can blame them.

Raspberry and strawberry are just two of the five flavors Jack N’ Jill toothpaste has available.  Yet, even though the toothpaste is sugar-free, kids find flock to it’s taste like it’s candy.

The toothpaste is also made with Organic Calendula.  For those not familiar this ingredient has anti-inflammatory effects.  Calendula also has healing qualities and has a soothing effect on gums.

Several purchasers of this product use it on their new born babies as young as 1-2 years old and say their babies “ask” (signal) that they want more because they just love the taste.

Even when some of the reviewers gave negative reviews, it was for the size of the toothpaste tube, and not for the quality of the product in the tube.

Auromere Non-Foaming Herbal Toothpaste

Auromere Non-Foaming Herbal Toothpaste

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This product is PACKED with natural ingredients.  Here is the list:
  • Fine chalk (a gentle cleanser)
  • Glycerine (from vegetable oil)
  • Water
  • Herbal extract blend: Peelu (Salvadora Persica)
  • Neem (Azadirachta Indica)
  • Indian licorice root
  • Pomegranate rind
  • Common jujube
  • Rose apple
  • Clove
  • Persian walnut
  • Barleria prinoitis bark (vajradanti)
  • Indian almond
  • Bedda nut
  • Asian holly oak
  • Prickly ash
  • Zanthoxylum alatum (tejbal)
  • Sappon wood
  • Catechu
  • Bengal madder
  • Acacia arabica bark (babul)
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Medlar bark
  • Mayweed and bishop’s weed (flower extract)]
  • Silica
  • Carrageenan (from seaweed)
  • Cellulose gum (from plants)
  • Fennel oil
  • Cardamom oil


Users of this product love the mildness of this blend of ingredients.  Without SLS, it has a creamy feel to the toothpaste that doesn’t really foam.

Azadirachta indica, or neem, is one of the key ingredients in this toothpaste that has users raving.  This Indian grown ingredient (neem) provides a host of “benefits” like antidiabetic effects and antibacterial side effects.

But, be careful with neem.  There are some reports about issues with neem, like kidney or liver issues.  But, as long as you are not consuming the toothpaste in large quantities, short term use is safe.

Another feature that this toothpaste reports to do better than most non-SLS brands is that it reports to make your teeth whiter.  Many reviewers reported this.

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Toothpaste Without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Conclusions

With the SLS studies that are coming out, finding a great toothpaste that doesn’t include SLS just makes sense.

Do You Want the BEST and SAFEST Non-SLS Toothpaste?


With all of the bad press that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate receives, and how easy it is to find great toothpaste products without SLS, why wouldn’t you try a Toothpaste Without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate?

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