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Tooth powder (even the best tooth powder) isn’t commonly used anymore, but it has been around for centuries and was the most common oral hygiene product until toothpaste was invented in the early nineteenth century.

Today’s tooth powders are made of baking soda, flavor and preservatives and they aren’t easy to find.

Do You Want the BEST Tooth Powder?


However, those who prefer a powder over toothpaste can make their own at home and homemade ones are generally healthier because you can make them without preservatives.

But, there are some that not only work great, they can help whiten your teeth with their grit and polish.  Since these powders contain baking soda as the primary ingredient, they can help to remove stains and polish the teeth, leaving them whiter and cleaner.

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Top Brands of Modern Tooth Powders

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If you prefer using a powder for dental hygiene, there are different brands you can choose from.

The widest selection of these powders is online.  So, you won’t typically be able to find these products at your general grocery store.

If you got to this page we believe you are either curious about what tooth powder is, or you are well versed in using tooth powder and are curious what brands you may not have heard of, and if they might do better than what you’re currently using.

These are the best tooth powders that we found to be the most effective.  Each of these pass our test of making a very high number of users very happy to have chosen them.

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IPSAB Tooth Powder

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IPSAB states that it doesn’t use any artificial sweeteners in this product.

It has a peppermint flavor and a mixture of finely milled baking soda, peppermint leaf powder, pure salt and prickly ash bark.

Some tooth powder products can burn when you use them.  However, this product doesn’t have that problem.  Or, you could say it doesn’t have that problem if you don’t already have mouth sores.

The product does include salt, so that can hurt some if you have mouth sores.

You can use IPSAB Tooth Powder directly on your toothbrush, or you can mix or sprinkle it with your current toothpaste to create a stronger more abrasive toothpaste.

Just make sure you are careful making it too abrasive or longtime use can wear on your tooth enamel.

Eco-Dent Extra Brite Mint

Eco-Dent Extra Brite Mint

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Eco-Dent as a company focuses on creating products that are made with natural products.

They have this offering that includes salt and peroxide as teeth whitening agents.

Althought, the amount of whitening is more consistent with maintaining teeth whiteness, then trying to make your teeth whiter.

The primary ingredient is baking soda and this powder promises to clean the teeth and neutralize the acids that may contribute to tooth decay.

Just like most tooth powder products, this is a ideal product for use when doing a lot of airline travel.

The baking soda in Eco-Dent Extra Brite Mint helps to whiten the teeth by removing stains and helping to prevent new ones.

This product provides a fresh mint flavor.  And, it does NOT include fluoride if that is a concern like we’ve talked about in our article about the Best Flouride Free Toothpaste.

You can get an estimated 200 brushes out of this product size.  And, it is also made in the USA.

TheraNeem Tooth and Gum Powder

TheraNeem Tooth and Gum Powder

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This brand from TheraNeem promises maximum dental health because it has added a very potent combination of CO2 extracts.

TheraNeem Tooth and Gum Powder comes in a cinnamon flavor and is gently abrasive to remove stains on your teeth.

If you are a pet owner, this product does contain Xylitol.  All pet owners should be aware of the potential hazards that Xylitol can cause to your pets.

TheraNeem also includes probiotics, which have shown to have very positive digestive traits.

Scientific studies have found probiotics to help with digestive issues like diarrhea caused by antibiotics or bacterial problems.

This tooth powder also includes vitamin D.  Vitamin D enables your body to better absorb other nutrients like calcium or phosphorus.

This particular bottle is 40 grams, which equates to about 200 different sets of brushing.

Eucryl Tooth Powder

Eucryl Tooth Powder

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This powder from Eucryl has a fresh mint flavor and it is formulated to remove stains and polish your teeth.

Eucryl Tooth Powder purports to remove stains on your enamel caused by coffee, tea, smoking and red wine.

The packaging used to specifically target smokers.  But, they must have felt they were targeting too narrow of a range of customers, so they’ve removed the specific mention of removing stains from smoking.

However, users still say it works well for smoker stains.

This product does contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  There is conflicting information about SLS online.  We dig deeper into this issue in our article Toothpaste without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

For those that want to remain gluten free, this product may be the one for you.

How Does Baking Soda Work to Clean and Whiten Teeth?

Baking soda has mild abrasive qualities that help to polish teeth and remove stains, revealing a brighter, whiter smile.

When it comes to staining, this works best for new stains and not those that have penetrated to the deeper layers of the teeth.

It also helps to scrub away plaque to promote overall dental health by decreasing your risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Compared to many whitening toothpastes, baking soda is often as good at whitening or at least close to being as effective.

Baking soda can be used on its own to brush your teeth or combined with other ingredients.

Other Options

Common options include:

  • Take a teaspoon of baking soda and add it to your favorite toothpaste to enhance the scrubbing and whitening effects. Remove any leftover residue after washing with mouthwash or lukewarm water.
  • You can make a paste that contains baking soda, lemon juice, white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. It is important to note that this is an acidic and abrasive mixture so you should not us it more than once a week. Frequent use could wear away your enamel, leading to weakened teeth and tooth sensitivity.
  • If you prefer a pre-brush rinse as part of your dental health and tooth whitening routine, take a tablespoon of baking soda, half teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and a cup of cool water. Mix these together well and use this to rinse your mouth before brushing.

Using any baking soda mixture should be limited to twice a week because this is an abrasive substance.

The abrasiveness is great for a good cleaning and to wear away stains, but it can also do some damage to your enamel if you use it too often.

If you have braces, a permanent retainer or any appliance that requires orthodontic glue, you should avoid using baking soda because it can soften this glue.

How to Make Your Own Best Tooth Powder

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Making your own tooth powder allows you to control the ingredients and eliminate any preservatives and harsh chemicals from the mix.

A very simple recipe includes two tablespoons of baking soda, 15 drops of a peppermint essential oil for a mint taste and a half tablespoon of pure sea salt.

This provides enough scrubbing action to eliminate stains and plaque, resulting in a healthy, white smile. However, consider the abrasiveness of baking soda and take note that you shouldn’t use this every day.

If this mixture is a bit too tart, add one tablespoon of xylitol for sweetness.

You can also go very simple with tooth powder and just take two fresh mint leaves and finely chop them and add these to two tablespoons of baking soda. If you don’t have fresh mint leaves, cinnamon oil or peppermint oil are natural alternatives.

Ingredient Alternatives

Another ingredient that is sometimes mixed into a good homemade tooth powder is Prickly Ash Bark or also known as Zanthoxylum americanum, which is known to provide relief for sensitive teeth.

We also found this video which shows an equally simple DIY tooth powder recipe.

How to Make Herbal Tooth Powder

Before using a tooth powder, talk to your dentist to ensure it is the best option for you. These powders have their place, but they aren’t the best option for everyone.

Baking Soda and Vinegar. Be careful, this one exploded.

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Also, be careful using baking soda with certain liquids. As you can see for this picture, baking soda with vinegar is an explosive combination.

So, make sure you know what you’re putting in with the baking soda before you start mixing, or you might be in for a big surprise (we do not recommend trying this at home).

Tooth powder isn’t commonly used, but some people prefer it over toothpaste.

If you have not used it before, it may be helpful to make a small batch at home to see if you like it.

It is different and the texture and usability differ quite a bit when you compare it to toothpaste.

Some people use tooth powder along with a great whitening toothpaste because the baking soda in the powder can enhance teeth whitening and help to keep your smile bright and healthy.

WrapUp for The Best Tooth Powder

By alternating between a great whitening toothpaste and the best tooth powder, you can get the abrasive polishing effect of tooth powder.

Do You Want the BEST Tooth Powder?


You should give your teeth a break from the best tooth powder when you alternate to toothpaste.  And, make sure your toothpaste isn’t abrasive like tooth powder.

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