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Many of us take vitamins daily for various reasons.  But, are you finding the right vitamins for teeth?

If you take the right vitamins, they can make your teeth stronger, improve the whiteness of your teeth, and improve your teeth sensitivity.

Your teeth are made up of the roots, a pulp cavity, a dentin layer, and finally covered in enamel.  Around your teeth, your gums also have nutritional needs.

Do You Want the BEST Vitamin for Teeth?


Each of these different tooth layers need proper nutrients to maintain good teeth health.  And, each of these parts of your teeth need different nutrients for that specific layer.

Which Tooth Layer Do You Need Help With?

The roots of your teeth rely on the gums to protect them.  So, good gum hygiene is important to protect your roots.

 Citrus Fruits - The right ones can contain vitamins for teeth

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A lack of Vitamin C can affect your gum health.  Here are a few great sources of Vitamin C:

  • Citrus fruits
  • Bell peppers
  • Kiwis
  • Chili pepper
  • Kale
  • Strawberries
  • Cantaloupe
  • Pineapple
  • Cauliflower

This article lists 10 great ways to improve your intake of Vitamin C.

The dentin layer makes up the majority of each tooth and is the part of the tooth that is most responsible for the whiteness of your teeth.

So, if you looking for whiter teeth, you should pay closer attention to keeping this part of your teeth the healthiest.

The enamel is the hard layer that surrounds the tooth.  If your enamel is weak, you might have tooth sensitivity.

People often think the enamel is what affects the whiteness of your teeth.  But, your enamel can be translucent.

Especially when a lack of vitamins and minerals causes thinning of your enamel.

When this happens, the underlying dentin is what shows through to give your teeth the color they have.

General Teeth Health ABCs and Ds

vitamins - The right vitamins for teeth

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Like is mentioned above, there are many parts of your teeth.  So, what are the most important vitamins for teeth, the vitamins you need to maintain the health of your teeth?

  • Vitamin A – Great for gum health
  • Vitamin B12 – Affects receding gum lines
  • Calcium – For general good periodontal health
  • Vitamin C – General tooth health; helps with bleeding gums and inflammation
  • Vitamin D – Helps with tooth sensitivity; helps your body to absorb calcium better
  • Vitamin K – Helps with tooth decay issues
  • Coenzyme Q10 – Can help to reduce pain and gum disease
  • Minerals – General tooth strength and helps to resist infections

Different people have plenty of these vitamins and minerals.  Others might be lacking in one or more of these minerals or vitamins for teeth.

Teeth Whitening

There are many articles about something called teeth re-mineralization.  In fact, we wrote an article that goes into more depth about toothpastes that can help with remineralization.

Various factors come into play to improve the health of your teeth.

The folks at Health Ambition talk about various studies where different vitamins and minerals were introduced to controlled groups to study how the different nutrients affected tooth health.

In the study, three different groups were given different diets.  The first group was fed a diet high in phytic acid, but no real vitamin D.  The second group a regular diet high in phytic acid plus vitamin D.  And, a third group, a diet low in phytic acid, but high in vitamin D.

The results found that adding vitamin D improved the tooth health for those having a “typical” United States diet.  And, when you got rid of the phytic acid in your diet, but kept the vitamin D, the tooth health improved again by a substantial amount.

With mineralization, the overall health of the tooth improves along with the general health of the dentin in your teeth.  When the health of the dentin improves, this helps with the color of your teeth.

Tooth Sensitivity

Damn my sensitive teeth!

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Ever bite into something cold and your teeth hurt?  Or, does eating certain types of food make you wince in pain?

If so, your teeth might be low in certain nutrients that are causing your teeth to be too sensitive.

A common reason for sensitive teeth is that your dentin has become exposed or your enamel is not providing enough protection for the dentin in your teeth.

The remedy is to improve your enamel.  Good brushing to eliminate cavities (holes in you enamel) is a good start.  But, if you are vitamin deficient, brushing can only do so much.

This article by wikiHow talks about a good regime that is more comprehensive than just adding vitamins.  It talks about things to avoid that can weaken your enamel.

Re-mineralization is key to strengthening your enamel.  So, eating foods that can provide you with minerals helps to bolster your enamel.  A good vitamin that includes the following can really help your enamel:

  • Calcium (the primary mineral your teeth need)
  • Iron (protects against bacteria build up and infections)
  • Zinc (helps to fight plaque)
  • Magnesium (helps to keep your enamel strong)

Recommended Vitamins For Teeth

These vitamins can help improve the health of your teeth.

If you have a specific need, maybe just adding the right vitamins for teeth can help eliminate a nutrient deficiency is all you need to drive those bad tooth symptoms away.

So, match up the needs of your teeth with the proper vitamin below and you can make your teeth whiter, or eliminate tooth sensitivity, or just have better teeth in general.

WARNING: Make sure you ALWAYS read the label before taking any vitamins.  Everyone is different and sometimes a specific vitamin doesn’t mix well with conditions like pregnancy or other health issues.  You should ALWAYS consult with your doctor so they can make an educated decision regarding whether any vitamin is safe for your specific health situation.

Nature Made Calcium Magnesium Zinc Tablets with Vitamin D

NatureMade Calcium Magnesium Zinc (out best Vitamin for Teeth)

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Earlier we mentioned a study that describes how Vitamin D helps your body to absorb vitamins and minerals better.

Nature Made has combined Vitamin D with Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc to create the perfect combination of vitamins and minerals to target great teeth (and bone) health.

Why does this matter?

With this you get calcium that is critical to the dentin in your teeth.  You get magnesium that helps keep your enamel strong.  And, you get zinc to help fight plaque.

And, the vitamin D on top of them all to help your body absorb them all in a much more efficient manner.

Sundown Naturals Magnesium 500 Mg Caplets Value Size

Sundown Magnesium 500mg

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If you are only interested in solving teeth sensitivity issues, then maybe you don’t need a combination of vitamins for teeth that includes things you don’t feel your body need.

Or perhaps you are trying to avoid an ingredient you know your body reacts negatively towards.

In situations like this, maybe you only need to strengthen your enamel.

For strengthening your enamel, magnesium is what your need.

By strengthening your enamel, your teeth develop a resistance to certain food that cause sensitivity.

Or, cold foods like ice cream or Slurpee’s that you just don’t want to give up, but you know will be painful.

Sundown provides a nice simple vitamin that can help with sensitive teeth.

Natural Calm by Natural Vitality

Natural Calm by Natural Vitality

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If you’re looking for vitamins for teeth that combine magnesium for strong enamel and calcium for stronger enamel, dentin as well as general bone strength, Natural Calm made by Natural Vitality is a great dietary supplement.

The magnesium citrate is the active ingredient that delivers the nutrient magnesium in a way that is easily absorbed.

In addition to helping provide nutrients for your teeth, Natural Calm is primarily a product designed to help with anxiety.

So, if you are feeling anxious, mix up a tall drink and this product can provide relief on an empty stomach in as little as 5 to 10 minutes.

Wrap Up: Vitamins For Teeth

Vitamins are one of the most overlooked methods of improving the color of your teeth.  It’s also one of the easiest methods to follow.

Do You Want the BEST Vitamin for Teeth?


Not only can great vitamins for teeth help make your teeth whiter, it can improve the over all strength and eliminate sensitivity problems.  The benefits are just too much to pass up!

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    Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad this worked out for you. It seems to be one of the really hidden secrets out there for whiter teeth.


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