Does Oil Pulling Improve Vision?

This is a multi-part series of articles answering the question:  Does Oil Pulling Really Work?  This articles addresses the Oil Pulling Claim:  Does Oil Pulling Improve Vision?

In this article we will research and attempt to find existing studies and/or believable sources that answer or contradict the question Does Oil Pulling Improve Vision?

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Who Says Oil Pulling Improves Vision?

Rats were crazy

“Rats were crazy” by zhouxuan12345678 (CC BY-SA 2.0), via

Even though I have found no studies that relate Oil Pulling and Improved Vision, that doesn’t keep people from making this claim.

I also have not found any studies where oil pulling has cleared up some symptom, and that symptom had a side effect of improving vision.

Yet, I have seen several pages where individuals are making claims that oil pulling has personally helped them.

Tony from Michigan on Earth Clinic

In this article, Tony from Michigan reported his results:

“Several years ago ( after turning 40 ), my eye sight
started to fail miserably… 

…I was wearing bi-focal glasses to read because
my eyes had gotten so bad…

After only a few months, I had forgotten my glasses
and discovered that they were no longer needed.”

Tony is clearly smitten by oil pulling.  His oil of choice is sunflower seed oil.

Tony also reports positive results within 4 months.  All of Tony’s experiences were after the age of 40.  This is typically when many people, including myself, start to see eye problems (pun intended).

Sandy on Earth Clinic

In this article, Sandy from India reports about posts she has seen.  In one post, she reports that a user stated:

“better vision (eg. Colors become vivid)”

“Seseme Oil…clearer eyes and clearer vision”

“Olive Oil…better vision”

Sandy reports about several different oils, and several different benefits of Oil Pulling.

She reports that Seseme, Sunflower, and Olive oils all contribute to improved vision.

She mentions many other oils that have been used for Oil Pulling.  However, she doesn’t specifically mention any vision improvements for these other oils.

Dr. F. Karach, M.D on Oil Pulling .Com

This article talks about the source of a lot of the claimed benefits of oil pulling.  Dr. F. Karach, M.D. presented a paper that made many of the claims you see on our main Does Oil Pulling Really Work? page and that have been repeated on many other oil pulling related sites.

In this article there is also talk about a specific individual’s experiences.  In there it reads:

“In my 36th year in 1980, I had suddenly developed
double vision and right eyelid closing…

…I started practicing OP….

…later I stopped medicines and continued OP.  Myasthenia
Gravis cured without medicines. When I stopped for
one month, it came up again.”

Now a sample of one is hardly a study.  The act of stopping and starting OP, and having the eye disease follow the OP pattern is interesting.

However, I’ve had similar experiences where I’ve tried a new vitamin or prescription.  And, have had the symptoms follow the drug usage for a period of time.  Sometimes the pattern works.  Other times I think it’s working and then suddenly I notice that the pattern isn’t quite following the introduced vitamin or drug.

Who Says Oil Pulling Does NOT Improve Vision?

Forum Post on Renegade Health

In an article about Oil Pulling on Renegade Heath, Alisha posts a comment to the page saying:

“Last year I tried oil pulling….

…must have touched/rubbed my eye before my hands were thoroughly
cleaned, and this caused a cornea infection…

I am left with scarring in the center of the cornea and my vision is blurred.”

Alisha was obviously not happy with her Oil Pulling experience.

There were several comments on this page, and the anecdotal evidence across the board was conflicting.

More posts that talked about vision said it helped.  A few said it didn’t help.

Oil Pulling Vision Improvement Proof

Rusty Iris (Does Oil Pulling Improve Vision? Maybe, maybe not)

“Rusty Iris” by Serge (CC BY-ND 2.0), via

This claim seems to be a repetition of the claims of Dr. F. Karach, M.D.  That reference also seems to have obtained a lot of its momentum from a book by Bruce Fife MD. Health Colorado Springs: Wise publications Co. 1st edition. 2000. The healing miracle of coconut oil.

I don’t have a copy of this book to see if it has references to any of the original material from Dr. F. Karach, M.D.  But, there just doesn’t seem to be any published materials that can verify the claim that Oil Pulling improves vision.

Which Oils Improves Vision the Most?

There really isn’t any factual proof or studies to be found that prove that Oil Pulling does help with vision.

Trying oil pulling thanks to @closedblueyes' encouragement

“Trying oil pulling thanks to @closedblueyes’ encouragement” by jessica mullen (CC BY 2.0), via

However, there is an abundance of people that exist and say that their vision improved.  And, many of these people specify which type of oil that they use.

In this section we will focus on the oils that seem to be mentioned the most when claiming Oil Pulling is helping their vision.


Some of the people we identified above use Sesame Oil for their Oil Pulling.  And, they also report improvements in vision.

If you compare Sesame Oil with the rest of the oils in this section, Sesame Oil appears to be the least effective.  The number of people that claim improved vision by performing Oil Pulling with Sesame Oil is lower in sheer numbers than the numbers for the rest of the oils in this section.


It seems Sunflower Oil is the oil of choice for Oil Pulling people that are looking for vision improvements.

So, if you came to this page looking for the best oil to use for oil pulling to help your vision, then Sesame Oil should be your oil of choice.

Our recommended Seseme Oil for Oil Pulling is an organic product from the folks at Banyan Botanicals.

Banyan Seseme Oil is specifically created to be used in the ancient Ayurvedic methods.  It is rated to be good for Vata and Kapha.


Olive oil comes in second in the comparison between the different vision improvement oils in this section.


Coconut Oil is one of the most popular Oil Pulling oils around.  In fact, I have been known to Oil Pull on occasion.  And, my oil of choice is Coconut Oil.  Viva Labs is my favorite and seems to be a favorite to the population in general.

However, as popular as Coconut Oil is to the general population, Coconut Oil comes in third among the four oils we researched for improving vision.

Does Oil Pulling Improve Vision Conclusions

There is little, to no scientific studies that can answer Yes to the question Does Oil Pulling Improve Vision.

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However, there is a fair amount of anecdotal evidence that answer Yes to the question Does Oil Pulling Improve Vision?


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