Best Kids Toothbrush Games

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Looking for some of the Best Kids Toothbrush Games to make your kids WANT to brush their teeth?

We know that it is important to teach good dental hygiene habits at a young age.  But, we also know that many kids are not crazy about brushing their teeth.  In this article we present the best kids toothbrush games around that are great at motivating your youngsters into looking forward to brushing their teeth!

These games are fun, but at the same time, they teach proper dental hygiene so your kids can remain cavity free.

Kids like to show adults when they are learning something, so get involved, make it fun and your kids will be brushing properly on their own in no time.

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Our Best Kids Toothbrush Games

Being competitive is second nature to us humans.  Many of us find joy in competition.

But, there’s a catch.

We humans also don’t like to lose.  So, it’s important that if we use the best kid’s toothbrush games to incentivize our kids, that we don’t demoralize them by making the game too difficult to win.

Bottom line?

Keeping the challenge interesting is the key.  One strategy is to have them compete against themselves instead of against their siblings or parents.

We found these games to be the best at motivating kids to brush their teeth.

Make it a Competition

Dental Tru-Clean Purple Chews

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Kids love to compete, especially with other kids so making a competition out of teeth brushing is a way to actually make kids look forward to it.

Create a reward system where the winner gets a prize so that the kids have something to work toward.

One option is to use a kid’s pre-brush rinse that colors the teeth because this helps kids know when they are done. Make it a race and have each child put the pre-brush rinse on their teeth and then make sure they both start brushing at the same time. The first child to completely brush away the rinse wins.

A really good product for this game is a product from Fresh Knight.  This product has your child chew a purple tablet that colors their teeth where plaque exists.  Then, your when you kid brushes away the purple, they get a reward like a treat coupon for tomorrow, or extra outside playtime.  Whatever, works for you as the parent!

If you only have one child learning to brush properly, you can challenge them yourself, but it is a good idea to let them win so they stay excited about the game.

Reward Charts

Have your kids work toward a reward if they properly brush twice a day, every day of the week.

Create a chart and use stickers to mark each time your child successfully brushes and flosses.

Kids love stickers!!

Ideally, they will brush at least twice a day, so they can work toward 14 total stickers for the week. Then, as long as they get all 14 stickers, they get to choose a prize or a special privilege. Let your kids place the stickers in the right area to keep them involved throughout the whole process.

Make sure you watch them brush and floss so you can be sure that they are actually doing it and doing it correctly.

Defeat the Evil Germs

Super heroes are fun and all kids have a favorite. Make a cape for your child and let them be their own super hero for tooth brushing and flossing time.

Let them know that they are leading the fight against cavities and that wearing the cape helps to make their efforts more effective.

You can also find child’s toothbrushes that have different super heroes or other beloved characters on them, making them more fun for children.

Teeth Brushing to Tunes

Music In Action

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Children always respond to music so working some music into their dental care routine can help to keep them motivated.

Think about a song your child loves or a favorite television theme song and sing this or play it on a radio or MP3 player during teeth brushing time.

You can find different songs online, both lyrics only and full songs, about dental care if you want something specific to teeth brushing.

Make it fun and let your child put their own spin on it.

Television and Games

Some kids are afraid of brushing and flossing, so you need to normalize it for them and make it fun.

There are plenty of educational programs that will show kids how to properly brush and why proper dental care is important. Networks like PBS and Nickelodeon air these types of programs, but you can also find plenty of videos online.

You can also find digital games that are associated with dental health. For example, one game involves Spongebob fighting cavities.

These games can easily be found on the Internet and while some of these cost money, many of them are free.

Race Against Time

Time Is Going

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If you only have one child, this is the perfect game because it only requires one person to work, but it works for multiple kids too.

If you have more than one child, give each of them their own timer.

Grab a simple timer and set it for two minutes. In this time, your child has to effectively brush both the top teeth and the bottom teeth (about a minute for each).

Kids are not big fans of time because two minutes to them is like an hour to adults. So, make sure to make those two minutes fun and entertaining by playing some music so that your child is not focused on the time, but on the music.

Tell a Somewhat Exaggerated Story

Kids like stories and exaggerating a bit to make them work for dental health can be very helpful.

Tell them that not brushing allows little sugar bugs to create holes in the teeth. This is not completely untrue because tooth decay can be in the form of a hole and allowing sugar, as well as other things, to sit on the teeth is the primary cause of tooth decay.

No child wants holes in their teeth or “bugs” in their mouths so this can be an effective way to get them to brush at least twice a day.

Bubble Making Contest

Bubbles Background

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Brushing well will lead to the creation of bubbles.

Brush your teeth really well and look in the mirror and you will see bubbles, just like when you wash your hands with soap.

Have a competition to see which child can create the most bubbles as they are brushing their teeth. You can blow bubbles (dish soap and water work if you do not have regular bubbles on hand) at the same time to make it fun and help to encourage your child to make more bubbles.

One thing to note is that the best whitening toothpaste for kids is one where they love the flavor. The best games and ideas won’t work if your child hates the taste of the toothpaste.

Use one or a combination of games and ideas to motivate your kids to effectively and efficiently brush their teeth. Eventually, your kids will start brushing their teeth without any outside motivation.

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We Hope This Helped!!

Thank you for reading to the end!  We really hope some of these ideas were really useful to help you find your Best Kids Toothbrush Games.

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Making a game out of brushing your teeth can help for your kids to look forward to brushing their teeth instead of dreading it.  It might also help get them moving towards getting ready for bed.  We all know every parent needs help in that area!

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