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Electric toothbrushes seem to be all the rage.  We provide electric toothbrush ratings for the top six toothbrushes on the market.

They make claims to offer a deeper and a more complete level of cleaning.  This is why I decided to take a closer look to see if they could help me even though I have sensitive teeth.

So, now I combine my electric toothbrush ratings with the best whitening toothpaste I could find.

Do You Want the BEST Electric Toothbrush?


Oh, The Choices You Must Choose…

I researched to make sure any brush I found would still be OK for my sensitive teeth.  I am happy to say that the whitening results are visible. And, my teeth are fine from a sensitivity standpoint.

While researching, I found that there was a fair amount of choices to weed through before deciding what was the best electric toothbrush.

Choosing the right one is important because you want effective cleaning while making sure your teeth don’t hurt.

You also want to ensure that it is easy to use and has all of the features you need. There are so many options available that it can be daunting to choose the right one.

I followed the following simple advice and it allowed me to get the needed information to make the right decision about which electric toothbrushes to include in our electric toothbrush ratings.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Electric Toothbrush

The rest of this post goes into details about each high level selection factor to use when selecting an Electric Toothbrush.  We put together this Infographic to give an easy, fun way to list out all of the different points:

How an Electric Toothbrush Creates An Electric Smile – EMBED CODE

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Electronic Toothbrush

Toothpaste3 - Electric Toothbrush Ratings

“Toothpaste 3” by garytamin (Standard Restrictions), via FreeImages.com

There is an array of characteristics to look at when you are comparing electric toothbrushes in these electric toothbrush ratings.

Picking the right one means it is easy to use and it gets your teeth clean without intense effort.

And, without pain from sensitivity.

Best Electric Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth

When trying out an electric toothbrush that won’t hurt your sensitive teeth, it’s important to eliminate the “toothpaste factor”.

So, make sure you aren’t changing your toothpaste at the same time you are trying out your new electric toothbrush.

If you’re not careful, you might “toss” a really great brush when it’s the toothpaste that should have really been thrown out.

Different Options to Consider

Here are some things I found useful when narrowing down the choices for the Top 6 electric toothbrush ratings.

Bristle Variety

So Many Choices of Bristle

“So Many Choices” by William Warby (CC BY 2.0s), via Flickr.com

Look at the heads on electric tooth brushes and take note of the different heads and bristle patterns, as well as how soft or hard the bristles are.

The most comfortable is usually a soft-bristled brush because this cleans effectively without causing excessive gum irritation.

This is the most important feature if you have sensitive teeth.

Toothbrush Handle Size

Make sure to choose the right size so that all surfaces of the teeth are properly accessed during brushing.

There’s nothing worse than have the thing rattle your hand so hard it becomes numb.

I found that one inch tall and a half inch wide is the general recommendation for adults.

But, if you can hold a store model in your hand, you’ll figure out fairly quickly if it’s going to be too massive or too strong for your taste.

You also need to ensure that you grip is solid so that you won’t drop it as you are brushing.

Some of these things are heavy.  You could lose a toe if you’re not careful.  A rubber handle or rubber grips on the handle can be helpful for grip.

Expert Recommendations

When you are looking at different toothbrushes, make sure it as the Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association.

This ensures that it meets different rigorous standards to ensure optimal cleaning and dental hygiene.

You can find this information on the external product packaging and it is usually right on the front so it is easy to see or on the back near the specifications.


Cost is a very important factor because not only do you have to consider the cost of the toothbrush, but you also have to replace the heads three to four times a year.

So, look at the cost of the replacement heads and see if they fit into your budget before committing to a specific model.


You need to make sure that the toothbrush effectively removes plaque so that you maintain optimal dental health.

You can read reviews to see what others are saying about effectiveness.  I’ve listed a few below that people found to be very good for them.


Simply put, you have to like your toothbrush and actually enjoy using it.

Pick up several models and get a real sense of how they feel in your hands.

For example, someone with arthritis needs a specific type of grip and handle size so that brushing is comfortable or else they may not want to use it.


If you have dental issues, you may require a specific type of electric toothbrush.

Talk to your dentist to learn about the exact specifications you should be looking for.  Some characteristics you should look for are:

  • Harshness (if to powerful for sensitive teeth)
  • Electrical (if safe to use around water; typically not a problem these days)
  • Vibrations (if a back and forth movement can it chip your teeth)
  • Weight (can you hold it without dropping it on your toe)

You can also further investigate specific toothbrushes by looking at what the American Dental Association has to say about them.

This organization puts toothbrushes through significant testing to ensure they work as intended.

If you have sensitive teeth and choose the wrong toothbrush, there’s no way you’ll continue using it.

Electric Toothbrush

“Electric Toothbrush” by chumney (Standard Restrictions), via FreeImages.com

There are several dozen electric toothbrushes available today.

So, I eliminated the one’s where user’s were not happy.  And, chose several below that each have unique qualities and also have great user ratings.

I’ve listed the features they have that I thought made these product stand out to try and help you figure it all out.

Here are my picks for the best electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth.

These all get high marks and the online reviews support their popularity.

Electric Toothbrush Ratings

Here are the electric toothbrush ratings for the Top 6 electric toothbrushes.

Waterpik Complete Care

Waterpik Complete Care comes in a complete kit that also includes a waterpik to blast debris out from between teeth.

This toothbrush ensures you brush for at least two minutes because it has a timer.

I love this feature because I’m likely to fall back asleep while I’m brushing (not a morning person).

So, my concept of time while in my half asleep stupor just isn’t what it should be.

This also is great for teeth sensitivity as water is less abrasive on your teeth than a stiff strong brush.

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean

Compared to a manual toothbrush, Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean boasts the ability to remove up to five times more plaque.

This is due to the gentle vibrations that help to get toothpaste in between your teeth.

With the vibrations being able to be gentle, this brush is a little kinder to sensitive teeth.

So, if you combine this toothbrush with a great remineralizing toothpaste, you get a great combination that can fight against pain in your mouth.

This model includes two brushing heads.

Philips FlexCare +

For every minute of brushing, the head commits 31,000 brush strokes which helps to polish away stains and plaque.

Philips FlexCare + doesn’t have the best battery life, according to reviews, but it is rechargeable.

This brush works extremely hard, but if you have sensitive teeth, this might not be the brush for you.

Especially if you have thin enamel like we talk about more in this article.  You have to be a little more careful with thin enamel.

So, make sure you check with your dentist before buying a sand blaster toothbrush like this one.

Oral-B Triumph 5000

Oral-B Triumph 5000: This toothbrush helps to ensure proper brushing and bristle integrity.

There is an indicator that lets you know when it is time to replace the brush head so that your bristles always offer an effective cleaning.

There are also visual, auditory and sensory signals that tell you how to brush properly.  I think this replacement indicator is fantastic.

Before I went electric, I was always getting a new toothbrush from my dentist every six months.

I usually would have just gotten used to my current brush when I was suppose to throw it out.  Really, old friend.

But, my dentist says you’re old and not good for me anymore.  Now, I have something that is actually looking at the actual brushes to see if they are truly worn out.  Great feature!

Colgate ProClinical A1500

Colgate ProClinical A1500 changes speed depending on what you are brushing due to special sensors.

For example, when you are brushing your molars, you get rapid up-down strokes and for the front teeth you get a side-to-side motion that is slower.

The slower motion might be just what you want if you’ve got sensitive teeth.

Do I really want a toothbrush that’s smarter than me?

Well, I guess it’s a sacrifice I can make for whiter teeth.

We don’t have this toothbrush available right now.  But, if you already have this great toothbrush, don’t let a worn out brush make this great tool less than it can be.

Replacement brushes breathe life back into this product to keep your teeth in tip top shape (find new bristles here).

On Amazon, you can only buy this if you live in the UK.  So, if this toothbrush appeals to you, here is a UK ONLY link.

Oral-B Deep Sweep 5000 Smartseries

Oral-B Deep Sweep 5000 Smartseries has both pulsating and back and forth functionality.

It helps to ensure you get all three areas of your teeth and gums for maximum cleaning.

Using this brush you’ll get twice as much plaque as an ordinary manual toothbrush.

This toothbrush comes with a rechargeable dock that doesn’t take up a lot of sink space.

The Smartseries part of the Oral-B 5000 is that it uses Bluetooth to communicate with an Oral-B app on your phone or tablet.

The Oral-B app tracks your brushing habits and it gives you motivational tips and advice to help you get the best out of your electric toothbrush.

And, it takes about 16 hours for a full charge.

Best Electric Toothbrush for Receding Gums

Toothpaste 4 - Electric Toothbrush Ratings

“Toothpaste 4” by garytamin (Standard Restrictions), via FreeImages.com

Should receding gums be a factor, any of the water pic types of electric toothbrushes would be ideal.

Also, using a softer brush thistle can be helpful.

The reason these features are important is that it’s typical that too much aggressive brushing or other types of abrasive action against your gums can contribute to receding gums.

While too aggressive oral behavior can be a contributing factor, sometimes age and/or genetics are working against you.

In those cases, there’s not much you can do.

So, to find a great electric toothbrush for your receding gums, look for one that can give you gentle water action.  And, can provide a choice of brushes that can be gentle.

Conclusions: What Electric Toothbrush is Best for You?

The best electronic toothbrush ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Do you want a “smart” electric toothbrush?

Or, an affordable electric toothbrush?

Each toothbrush available has different specifications. When I was doing my research, it seemed that some of these toothbrushes were far more sophisticated than others.

All electric toothbrushes should help whiten your teeth when coupled with a great whitening toothpaste because they have more scrubbing power than a basic manual toothbrush.

Hopefully our electric toothbrush ratings will help you pick a real winner.

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