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Does Oil Pulling Really Work?

In this series, we answer the question: Does Oil Pulling Really Work?

This post is going to be the home page that points to separate pages (48 in all) that each go into depth about whether Oil Pulling provides the Claim.

To answer the question of whether Oil Pulling Really Works, first we need to clarify the question.

Work?  What does work mean for this question?

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So, our first task is to list the potential things Oil Pulling is trying to accomplish (or that some claim it accomplishes) when users perform this ancient Ayurvedic procedure (or procedures).

Once we define the list of Oil Pulling Claims (made by many on the internet), we will go in depth into each claim and provide references to the proof of the Claim.

If we don’t find enough evidence, we will let you know what evidence we found and possibly why that evidence was either misunderstood, or possible misused (likely to earn a buck).

Truth? Misrepresentation? or Bunk?

What we are going to do in this series of articles is go through each of these Claims in detail and either provide science that backs up the Claim, clarify the claim (many are just misrepresentations of loosely tied together facts), or name the Claim as BOGUS.

Also, if we can find out the right oil to use for the specific claim, we’ll be sure to point that out.

Here is a list of what Results we will discover for each claim:

  • Fact
  • Indirect Evidence
  • Misunderstood
  • Anecdotal
  • Bunk

Our method for finding out the truth for each Claim will be:

  • Search for each Claim for ‘.gov’ sites on Google
  • Look for each Claim for ‘.edu’ sites on Google
  • Search for ‘.gov’ in Google Scholar
  • Look for ‘.edu’ in Google Scholar
  • Search for the Claim normally in Google

“Truth” by Mike Roberts (CC BY 2.0), via

If there are results in the top 20, and the information is credible and provides research references, we’ll use that information as Fact.

If there isn’t direct evidence of the claim, but there is indirect evidence, we’ll try to explain the connections between the indirect Facts and the Claim and mark the claim as Indirect Evidence.

For claims which we believe there is misinformation about the claim, we will explain our thoughts on why we believe the Claim should be labelled as Misunderstood, and try to show references that back our understanding.

If all we find are individual’s stories about the Claim working, we’ll mark the claim as Anecdotal.

For Bunk, if we find results that actually contradict the claim, we’ll explain those results and give references.  Or, if we only find sites that make the claim and don’t provide references or data to back it up, it gets a Bunk label.

The Top 48 Benefits of Oil Pulling

Our research has found that individuals have made the following claims regarding the benefits of Oil Pulling.


Why wouldn’t anyone oil pull after reading that list.

It’s on the interwebs, so it HAS to be true.  Right!?!?

“Lies.” by Rich Anderson (CC BY 2.0), via

Well, not so fast.  This might be a real shock to you.  But, not everything on the internet is actually true.


I know, I know.  Calm down.  There is a lot of good and factual information on the internet.  You just have to look in the all the right places.

That’s what we are going to do in this series of articles.  We are going on a digging adventure to try and prove, clarify and/or expose each of these claims.

Right here…  Right now…

In this table is the list of things that various people of Claimed that Oil Pulling can provide, cure, eliminate, you name it.

Our research results are on the right side of the table.  Click on each link on the left to see the detailed analysis and how we came to our conclusions to the question of Does Oil Pulling Really Work?

THE Oil Pulling Myth Buster Table

Oil Pulling ClaimClaim Result
Whitens TeethIndirect Evidence
Improves VisionAnecdotal
Prevents Gum DiseaseFact
Improves the Freshness of your BreathFact
Helps Alleviate Jaw Soreness and/or TMJAnectodal
Clears Up Skin Problems (including eczema)Anecdotal
Treats AcneAnecdotal
Fights Headaches and MigrainesAnecdotal
Eliminates (pulls out) Body ToxinsMisunderstood
Prevents Body Toxins From Being AbsorbedFact
Reduces Stress on LiverCheck Back Soon
Reduces Stress on KidneysCheck Back Soon
Cures Acute OsteoarthritisCheck Back Soon
Prevents Heart DiseaseCheck Back Soon
Eliminates AsthmaCheck Back Soon
Clears up Bronchitis and CongestionCheck Back Soon
Reduces AllergiesCheck Back Soon
Reverses Tooth DecayCheck Back Soon
Prevents Teeth CavitiesCheck Back Soon
Reduces InflammationCheck Back Soon
Treats Throat Dryness (or thrush)Check Back Soon
Heals Cracked LipsCheck Back Soon
Boosts Your Autoimmune SystemCheck Back Soon
Balances HormonesCheck Back Soon
Wipes Out CandidaCheck Back Soon
Reduces Transmission Risk and Symptoms of the Herpes VirusCheck Back Soon
Assists with DigestionCheck Back Soon
Moisturizes SkinCheck Back Soon
Scales Down CelluliteCheck Back Soon
Lessens Wrinkles and Age SpotsCheck Back Soon
Longer Life (live to be 140 or 150)Check Back Soon
Balances Blood SugarCheck Back Soon
Reverses the Effects of Alzheimer’sCheck Back Soon
Increases HDL and Lowers LDL CholesterolCheck Back Soon
Cures ThrombosisCheck Back Soon
Treats UlcersCheck Back Soon
Diminishes Intestinal DisordersCheck Back Soon
Heals EncephalitisCheck Back Soon
Cures MeningitisCheck Back Soon
Chronic Blood DiseaseCheck Back Soon
Treats ParalysisCheck Back Soon
Reverses Nerve DiseasesCheck Back Soon
Remedies SleeplessnessCheck Back Soon
Increases EnergyCheck Back Soon
Provides a Potential Reduced Risk of Oral CancerCheck Back Soon
Increases Protection from Colds and FluCheck Back Soon
Helps Avoid Premature BirthCheck Back Soon
Prevents DementiaCheck Back Soon

To Pull, or Not to Pull?  That is the Question…

So, YES, oil pulling may help your heart, gingivitis, migraine or whatever – just don’t expect the miracles that many of these websites are promising.  And, don’t even expect your dental health to improve overnight.

Also, oil pulling is not without risk.  To understand possible risks of oil pulling, read our article about oil pulling side effects.

Do You Want the BEST Oil Pulling Product?


Real healing takes time – and it also takes a comprehensive approach which includes real foods and detoxification.  So, remember all of this the next time you ask yourself Does Oil Pulling Really Work?

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