Oils For Acne

This article is the acne claim article in a multi-part series attempting to answering the question:  Does Oil Pulling Really Work?  This articles addresses the Oil Pulling Claim:  Does Oil Pulling Clear Up Acne or Eczema?  And, if so, which pulling oils for acne work the best.

In this article we will research to find existing studies and/or believable sources that answer or contradict the question Does Oil Pulling Clear Up Acne or Eczema?

Do You Want the BEST Oil Pulling Product for Acne or Eczema?


Who Says Oil Pulling Clears Up Acne?

Disgruntled Kiwano

“Disgruntled Kiwano” by kellinahandbasket (CC BY 2.0), via Flickr.com

The following sources make claims that Oil Pulling can help with either Acne or Eczema.

Family Sponge

I was able to find one instance that claimed it has helped them for their son.

I hope he didn’t look anything like this fruit.

A writer at Family Sponge stated:

My son had mild eczema and we used a variety of creams. Coconut
oil helped if we caught an outbreak early enough. (We
eventually figured out what was causing his
eczema— Target brand laundry detergent, and stopped
using it. Eczema solved!)

This was one of the few articles where claims about Eczema were made [1].

The Love Vitamin

Tracy Raftl at The Love Vitamin has a full article about Oil Pulling helping with Acne.  There are some truly amazing pictures there as well.

In her article, Tracy states:

Yet, I’ve actually gotten many emails over the years from people
saying that they swear oil pulling is having a hugely positive effect on their health and that it’s made a massive difference to their skin


“Acne” by Practical Cures (CC BY 2.0), via Flickr.com

Tracy later says this didn’t work for her (only a two week trial).  But, she follows this up with saying she knows several people who have had success.

Adult-Acne Dot Net

The folks at Adult-Acne.net published an article that has a lot of the basics of Ayurvedic.  In the article it states:

Many people have seen fantastic results in the form of clearer skin
after pulling oil regularly for at least a month

This article doesn’t really state much that hasn’t already been said about Ayurvedic.

Acne.Org Testimonials

The forums of Acne.org are full of people that say this works.  Here is one statement from Ariano29 who says it works for her:

I looked up acne cures and discovered something called “oil pulling”,
or “OP”. I know it sounds weird at first but trust me, it
works. <snip…> OP does more than just clear up bad skin though. It’s helped me become more focused at work, my mood has lightened
quite a bit, my confidence has risen, and best of all, my skin
is FINALLY clearing up, and WITHOUT any drugs!!!!

Then, lovelyone_nat states how she things it works:

ok, when you swish around the oil… you break up enzymes… which
help ur body heal. thats how it works.. the enzymes.

Who Says Oil Pulling Does NOT Clear Up Acne?

All of the people who have tried this have not had positive experiences.

CureZone.Org Says Not For Me

On the CureZone.org forums, user newmother was having problems with Oil Pulling and acne:

I have been oil pulling for a few days now and my acne is getting
soo much worse. Does it just get worse before it gets better
or am I getting too much oil?

Kid Acne (stick to the plan of using the proper oils for acne)

“Kid Acne” by http://underclassrising.net/ ((CC BY-SA 2.0), via Flickr.com

Many of the responses told her that it often gets worse before it gets better and to stick to the plan and keep on pullin’.

DailyMail.com Is Skeptical

This article talks about whether Oil Pulling works for whitening teeth and curing acne.

The skepticism Dr. Bowe is referring to is the lack of scientific evidence proving or exposing this claim.

Dr. Bowe is referenced as saying:

Dr Bowe advises approaching oil pulling with ‘healthy skepticism’
and recommends using it in conjunction with products that
have been proven to benefit the skin.

The article ends with talking about how not one can prove that it works.  But, that it certainly make a lot of people feel better (basically saying it is more of a placebo affect).

Proof That Oil Pulling Clears Up Acne

No secret science

“No secret science” by Derek Keats (CC BY 2.0), via Flickr.com

We searched via Google and via Google Scholar.  Multiple search strings were used while trying.  We were not able to find studies that could prove or disprove a link between Oil Pulling and acne or eczema.

Which Oils For Acne Claim to Work?

During our research we were not able to find definitive proof that it works.  But, we did see that the claims about it working focused around a few oils for acne.

Coconut Oil Claims To Help Clear Skin

In the articles we found, multiple made statements about coconut oil being their oil of choice for using Oil Pulling to help cure acne.

More than one of the articles mentions both Coconut Oil and Sesame Oil.

Seseme Oil Claims to Have an Effect

While Sesame Oil was not the most popular oil of choice for trying to cure acne, it was mentioned multiple times as the one that provided the cure.

Conclusions for Pulling Oils for Acne

Our research found that quite a few people are online and posting about Oil Pulling helping to cure their Acne.

Fewer were making similar claims about Eczema.

Do You Want the BEST Oil Pulling Product for Acne or Eczema?


No scientific studies could be found to back up any of these claims.  So, even though the choices of Oils for Acne were Coconut and Sesame, the scientific community just doesn’t back up the large number of people that say that it’s working for them.


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  1. I would have never thought about how different Oil Pulling oils might help my acne. Thanks! This helped me. I found Coconut Oil to work the best for me.


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